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  DEVELOPMENT WHEELS™                        DevelopmentWheels™ are unique, easy to use support publications...
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  'Super-size' Practitioner DevelopmentWheels™                                                                             Set of three wheels                             ref: SDW123

This twist on our standard sized DevelopmentWheels means a unique new style has been developed with non-statutory guidance content from Development Matters
Our super-size Practitioner DevelopmentWheels™ are much larger at around 440mm diameter.
These can hold a lot more detailed information to support practitioners and other professionals within a setting or group. 

The first wheels in our 'Super-size' range are our fantastic SET of THREE SUPER-SIZE EYFS SUPPORT DevelopmentWheels™.
The set of three covers the principles and themes of the 2012 EYFS in detail and have all the information you could want from
Development Matters on just three wheels.  
They can be purchased individually or as a set.

Going through the Prime and Specific areas of the EYFS, our wheel covering 'A Unique Child' is the first one. This is followed by 'Positive Relationships' and 'Enabling Environments'. Each Super-size wheel measures 440mm diameter (approx), so it's ideal for hanging in a nursery, children's centre, classroom or other setting. The colour of each wheel links to that used in Development Matters and the set looks fantastic when hung up or used together. In fact they almost act as a kite-mark when parents or Ofsted visit.

Alternatively, if you are just looking for a wheel that covers the new Early Years Outcomes guide, click here for more information. 

Use these wheels with groups and then as a summary to support the current EYFS. 



Enabling Environments

Unique Child

Positive Relationships

To order your SET of all three SUPER-SIZE wheels now using a purchase order, please click here for our order form.
Alternatively, you can purchase online using the 'add to cart' link further down this page. 
To buy individual copies, of any wheel, click on a link below:
A Unique Child - click here
Positive Relationships - click here
Enabling Environments - click here

Super-size DevelopmentWheels™ will cost just £12 each, making them an ideal investment for children's centres, nurseries and other settings etc. Usual retail price is £15.50. You can purchase a set of all three to give you everything from Development Matters for only £35, just adding delivery charges as applicable (see below to purchase).
They will look fabulous when hung up in a setting and are a great 'easy to access' reference tool ... almost acting as a type of kitemark to show off to parents etc when they see them. You may even want to use the Positive Relationships and Enabling Environments wheels with parents and of course they are great to use with staff and partners

Each themed wheel holds everything you need on the non-statutory guidance from Development Matters, making them an ideal reference tool that is easily accessible for use on a daily basis. So, for instance, the 'Unique Child' Development Wheel, carries everything you need on that part of Development Matters. One side focuses on the eight Prime sections and the reverse covers the nine Specific sections. And because they come laminated, they are designed for a good lifespan too. No more flicking through pages and pages of text sheets to find the information you need - now you can just turn the wheel to the section you require.

Set of all 3 SUPER-SIZE Wheels at £35 plus delivery. Total price is £42 including delivery by National Courier

The only additional cost is for delivery, which due to the size of these wheels will be sent using a national courier service. This ensures tracking of the goods, although they could take several days to arrive. The new postal rates and restrictions on size, mean that these wheels now fall out of the Royal Mail postal system.

Hanging your wheels - Our DevelopmentWheels™ come with two rivets in them to hold them together and ensure they work properly. One rivet is in the centre of the wheels and the other is near the top of the 'outer' of the wheel. Many customers are now 'hanging' wheels within the reception area of their centres or settings and you can order your kit to do this with your order. Each kit comes with a self-adhesive plastic 'hook' and a flexible wire which can stretch up to 3.5 metres long. Order online when you buy your wheels